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Praise from on high: Part II

ANOTHER NICE NOTE TODAY – this one from our good friend Peter Bretschger (Newport Beach, CA) who posted on his Facebook page, "My congratulations to Tom Ehman and crew on the launch of the new SAILING ILLUSTRATED sailing website/blog/info center, etc. Well written, timely and real news about the yachting we do and not just an advertorial site for new-boat manufacturers and well-funded PR teams of limited-importance corporate sailing teams."

Commodore Bretschger's post is one of several glowing reactions, including an email last week from Bob Fisher (GBR), the esteemed yachting historian and the "dean" of the international yachting journalists.

Peter and son Chris Bretschger at Baldwin Cup 2017, Newport Beach, CA. Both keen and successful racing sailors, Peter is a Balboa YC staff commodore, and Chris is helping SAILING ILLUSTRATED in his (limited) spare time as head of marketing.

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