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TFE LIVE: Today (Tue 14 Apr), Mikkel Thommessen (NOR) live via Skype from Oslo, with insight from hi

SAN FRANCISCO (#1261) — Today (Tuesday) on TFE LIVE, esteemed sailing journalist Mikkel Thommessen (NOR) with his insight into these troubled times for World Sailing. Mikkel has recently scored interviews with WS President Kim Andersen (DEN) as well as Vice Presidents Scott Perry (URU) and Gary Jobson (USA).

Given Mr Andersen's assurances to Mr Thommessen that he was in the process of righting World Sailing's financial ship, this will be timely and, likely, a MUST VIEW for anyone involved in or concerned about World Sailing and the 2020ne Olympics — especially given yesterday's article on the authoritative Inside The Games website in which the IOC's Dick Pound (CAN) is quoted:

"When, as the IOC, you may be asked to 'share' in advance income that, in the end, may not be received, it is important not to create an unsustainable 'entitlement' relationship," the Canadian IOC doyen told insidethegames."There may well be IFs that have allowed themselves to live in a style that is beyond their incomes. "This may call for some internal trimming of the IF sails in these troubled times, before looking to others for a bail-out."

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*Note new times now that AUS and NZL are off Summertime.

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