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WS: Beleaguered and befuddled President Kim Andersen (DEN) moves to "extend his reign"

SAN FRANCISCO (#1259) — Sure enough, WS President Kim Andersen (DEN) will propose at a Board meeting to be held tomorrow (Mon 6 Apr) to delay the November election to "extend his reign." So says the authoritative Olympic news website Inside the Games in a post today quoting a "World Sailing spokesperson."

Quoting the ITG post: "A postponement would effectively extend the reign of under-fire World Sailing President Kim Andersen, who is up for re-election at the Annual General Assembly on November 1."

Mr. Andersen's "Putin Proposal" will come as no surprise to those of you who follow TFE LIVE and your Ed.'s Facebook page, where we have been predicting this for weeks.

Further to the ITG report, top sailing journalist Richard Gladwell (NZL) has posted on a detailed and thoughtful article. If you are at all concerned about Chaotic Kim's no longer covert attempted COVID coup, Richard's article is a MUST READ.

Mr. Andersen's latest move is just another symptom of his brutal case of five-ring fever — hilarious if it were not so sad for the sport.

Another prediction. Fear not because, in the end, the World Sailing Board and MNAs (Member National Authorities) will not go along with Mr. Andersen's attempt to "extend his reign." Most recognize that the organization needs fresh, new leadership ASAP to save it from financial and political ruin, to say nothing of the urgent need to regain the trust and respect of the IOC.

As reported by Inside The Games, "Spaniard Gerardo Seeliger has also declared his intention to run for the top job at the worldwide body."

Sr. Seeliger will be our guest on Tuesday's TFE LIVE (#282, 2020-04-07) via Skype from Madrid at 1300 Pacific (2100 UTC / 2200 CET / 0800+1 NZT / 0600+1 AEST), as always on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page.

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