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TFE LIVE: Friday's special guest, Steve Adkins (USA), said this morning that he is "doing a

SAN FRANCISCO (#1256) — We are pleased to report that FOSI Steve Adkins, who is in a Connecticut hospital being treated for COVID-19, said this morning he is "Doing awesome. I'm definitely on the right side of this thing today." Great to hear, and no doubt all of us welcome this news.

Steve was a special guest on yesterday's TFE LIVE, via phone, from his hospital bed. A past commodore of the Madison Beach Club, Steve was articulate, reflective and upbeat — inspiring for all of us who were listening. You can watch a replay of Friday's TFE LIVE here. Steve's segment begins at approx 1:03 (an hour and three minutes) into the show.

By the way, we will do another special TFE LIVE tomorrow Sunday 22 March at the usual time, 1300 Pacific / 2000 UTC. As always on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page, or watch a replay there later.

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