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TFE LIVE: Riccardo Simoneschi (ITA) live via Skype from Genoa, on Olympic and professional sailing p

SAN FRANCISCO (#1255) — Today on TFE LIVE, world champion sailor and sport leader/diplomat Riccardo Simoneschi (ITA), racing director at Genoa's prestigious Yacht Club Italiano. Riccardo is also a past president of the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association and the International Melges 24 Class Association, and was OA head for the Sailing World Cup Genoa regatta that has just been canceled by World Sailing due to CV-19.

This will be a MUST SEE show for those involved in World Sailing, Olympic sailing, and professional sailing present and future. We will open with a very personal update from Riccardo on the tragic CV-19 situation in Italy, especially the hard-hit north.Also Riccardo's outspoken views on the WS governance proposal, Olympic classes, the actual mix, how to use the offshore event in a proper way, how to bring back the Finn Class and double the mix 470, the development of "speed and sailing," a mix that he says "didn't proved to be successful in attracting sponsorship and public," the relationship between the IOC and WS, and how the current President has used the fear of IOC action to accomplish internal political objectives in WS. Please join us at our usual 1300 Pacific / 2000 UTC / 2100 CET (this time of year) on our Sailing Illustrated FB page, or watch a replay there immediately after we go off the air, or on the Sailing Illustrated TV YouTube page later.

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