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TFE LIVE: Two shows on Tuesday — a special "watch party" at 0530 Pacific / 1330 UTC for th

SAN FRANCISCO (#1240) — On Friday's TFE LIVE (watch a replay below) we told our viewers to expect the prestigious Royal Ocean Racing Club to announce on Tuesday (tomorrow) that the 2021 Fastnet Race will finish not in Plymouth, GBR but in Cherbourg, FRA! Sure enough, the RORC has now called a presser for 1330 UTC on Tuesday that will be streamed live on Facebook.

Watch it on their Facebook page, or join us on Sailing Illustrated's FB page where we will re-stream their announcement live, add our perspective, and of course take your questions and comments. In the past such "Watch Parties" have been well attended, fun and informative. We hope you can join us Tuesday at 0530 Pacific / 0830 Eastern / 1330 UTC / 1430 CET. It will be in the middle of the night for our friends in NZL and AUS, but no doubt some fans will join us from Down Under as well.

Our regular Tuesday TFE LIVE will also air tomorrow, at our usual time (1300 Pacific / 2100 UTC / 1000+1 NZT / 0800+1 AEST). We will have the reaction from across the globe to this momentous RORC announcement, and also to the expected announcement, also on Tuesday, by INEOS Team UK of their takeover of the GBR Sail GP Team for 2020.

Above: watch a replay of Friday's TFE LIVE. Our regular Tuesday show will also air, as usual at 1300 Pacific / 2100 UTC on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page.

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