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TFE LIVE: Richard Gladwell (NZL) joins us live from Auckland; with new AC75 launches Wednesday (ITA)

UPDATE: Watch a replay of today's TFE LIVE on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page here.

SAN FRANCISCO (#1217) — Richard Gladwell has been a regular and popular guest on TFE LIVE, and will be joining us again today (Tuesday) for our 223rd show. Richard, of course, is the thoughtful and, at times, outspoken NZL editor of who has been covering the AC, and broader sport, for decades. We'll also be speculating on the status of Long Beach YC's challenger Stars+Stripes Team USA, who has a big payable (entry fee and more) due today. There have been rumors in the past week about that team having signed, finally, a big corporate sponsor, and, even about ETNZ selling S+S their Boat 1 after ETNZ splashes their Boat 2 next year. How that would work under the AC Deed of Gift is another issue.

Also, we are planning to have a special TFE LIVE tomorrow (Wednesday) with a "Watch Party" at 0600 Pacific, concurrent with the launch/naming ceremony of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli's AC75, in Cagliari at 1500 CET (again, 0600 Pacific / 1300 UTC).

All that and much more on today's TFE LIVE, as always at 1300 Pacific / 1600 Eastern / 2000 UTC on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page, or watch a replay of today's show there later (or any of our previous 222 shows).

Check your time zones. This time of year things get a little out of whack. We in the USA are still on Daylight Time (Summertime) and will be until 3 Nov. So, too, is most of Europe, but EUR will "fall back" before we do. Some in the Southern Hemisphere are already on Summertime (notably NZL and AUS); NZL is now only four hours (+1 day) "behind" Pacific Time instead of the five hours it's been for the past six or so months. That all changes again on 3 Nov when we in the States go off Summertime; then we are only three hours "ahead" of NZL until the madness repeats, in reverse, next March/April.

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