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AC36: First foiling tack by an AC75 captured on video by yacht designer Mark Mills — NYYC's Amer

NEWPORT, RI (#1210) — Headline pretty well says it all. This MUST SEE video (at lease for AC fans) shows how fast New York Yacht Club's new AC75 really is in this 2m30s vid taken Friday by esteemed yacht designer Mark Mills (USA). Mr. Mills was on the Bay watching NYYC's Invitational Cup; Mark designed the IC37s being used for the first time in that prestigious corinthian championship. At the end, we see the first tack by an AC75 on a public video, albeit after tack completion the yacht appears to fall off the foils and, more or less, come to a halt — as does the video. Hmmm.

In case you missed it in our post here on Sailing Illustrated Friday evening, here is a video sent by a FOSI of NYYC's American Magic also taken Friday, which we ran on TFE LIVE yesterday as what we believe was the first public video of an AC75 under sail and foiling. The video captures a foil-borne jibe, but not a tack.

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