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Q&A: What's a "gollywobbler"? A quadrilateral sail used in light air on schooners

SAN FRANCISCO (#1152) – We get questions. Lots of questions. Sometimes you wonder if people do not know about Google search, or have access to it. Others are friendly spur-of-the-moment inquiries that accompany other communications. Regardless, your Ed. appreciates any and all questions, and do our best to answer them here and during our regular twice-weekly Sailing Illustrated live video podcasts we call TFE LIVE – Tuesdays and Fridays at 1300 Pacific on our SI Facebook page.

As to the weird and wonderful word "Gollywobbler," it has also been used by any number of businesses, including a winery in Maryland, and popular former restaurants in San Juan (PUR), and Ann Arbor.

N.B. We like to illustrate sailing, especially yacht racing, and particularly grand prix events, people, propositions and politics. Beautifully illustrative photo courtesy of the Wooden Boat Forum.

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