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AC36: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli releases first test boat foiling fotos; clever cropping

CAGLIARI, SARDINIA, ITA (#1144) – Just released by the Italian Challenger of Record, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, representing the Circolo Vela Sicilia, photos of their new test boat splashed over the weekend (we had those photos, too) that is foiling from the get go. The foils on the foiling-monohull AC75s to be used in the Cup are not one-design, so their shape will be determined by the respective teams. The foils in these fotos have been cleverly, if not obviously, cropped – notwithstanding that the other teams (ETNZ, NYYCAM and ITUK) will shortly if not already have spy (er, "recon") teams on the scene using hi-def cameras with long lenses.

Will LRPP nickname their test boat a la NYYCAM's "The Mule", or ITUK's "T5"? How about "Red Moon Rising"?

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