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Olympic Classes: Finn sailors flock to Athens for what is shaping up to be a spectacular European Ch

ATHENS (#1227) – Here's a nice preview video put out today by the Finn Class, whose 2019 European championship begins in Athens Monday, after a practice race today (Sunday) and a particularly well-organized and presented Opening Ceremony Saturday evening. Officials from the Greek Olympic Committee and the Hellenic Sailing Federation had strong words for the reckless, and feckless, decision by World Sailing to eliminate the Finn from the Olympics after 2020 – urging WS to re-think their "irresponsible" and clearly flawed (fraudulent?)* vote that disenfranchised heavyweight sailors. Watch a replay of the terrific opening ceremony here.

90 entries from 35 countries, and this is their Europeans, not their Worlds! Once again the Finn Class is showing what true Olympic Class racing is all about – fierce competition afloat, and camaraderie on shore. A class run by sailors for sailors, it exemplifies the best our sport has to offer, and is among the most physically and mentally challenging of all Olympic events - sailing or non-sailing.

Bravo Zulu to the Finn Class, and the Hellenic Sailing Federation!

*One hears that the disputed vote last November in Sarasota is being taken up by the WS Ethics Commission.

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