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World Sailing: Here's the entire 2024 "Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore" paper appro

SAN FRANCISCO (#1224) – On April 29th we published here on an excerpt from a confidential paper that was circulated by World Sailing to some of their officials and committee members. The paper outlines in great detail draft plans for the controversial "Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore" event being contemplated by World Sailing for the 2024 Olympics to be held in Paris, with sailing slated on the Mediterranean at Marseille.

Almost immediately the paper was circulated privately by WS, it was leaked to your Ed. by a number of the recipients alarmed by its contents. We asked then why World Sailing didn't simply publish the paper and ask for input from sailors the world over. But so far, at least, they have not done so (why are we not surprised?). With World Sailing's Midyear meetings coming up in London next week, we are not going to wait any longer. Hence this.

You can read and download the entire paper from my Dropbox here. To give you a taste of it, below are the first two pages (of a total of 12).

We will discuss the paper briefly on Friday's TFE LIVE, and in more detail on next Tuesday's show – as always on our SI Facebook page beginning at 1300 Pacific /1600 Eastern / 2000 UTC / 0800+1 NZT.

We look forward to your comments then, or in our comments section below.

Again, you can read and/or download the full paper here.

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