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Experts say evacuating from the 2020 Olympic Sailing venue difficult in the event of a tsunami

SAN FRANCISCO (#1209) – That's the eye-opening headline (above) in an article today on the website by Itsuro Goto of the Special Reports Group. Excerpt:

Data simulating the type of tsunami that would be generated if a megaquake hit the area shows that tsunami waves could hit the zone accommodating athletes and staff members about 90 seconds after a powerful earthquake. Moreover, the zone from which spectators are expected to view the sailing could be submerged approximately six to eight minutes after the quake. The Mainichi Shimbun obtained the simulation data through a freedom-of-information request.

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games maintains that athletes, staffers and spectators could evacuate from the area. Experts, however, say that evacuation would be difficult and they are underscoring the need to thoroughly explain the risks involved to spectators and others.

The sailing event in the Tokyo Games is scheduled to be held from July 26 to August 5, 2020.

Read the full-story here.

Graphic, courtesy of the website, that accompanied the report by Itsuro Goto. One assumes the chance of an earthquake and resultant Tsunami during the 2020 Sailing Olympics is minuscule, but apparently the consequences would be significant, if you believe the "Death rate reaching 100%" assertion.

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