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CYCA: The Cruising Yacht Club also leads the way on land, with their CYCATV YouTube channel and new

SYDNEY (#1204) – It goes without saying that the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia is one of the most famous clubs in the world, notable, among other things, for organizing the annual Rolex Sydney-Hobart yacht race. For decades some of the top match racers (youth and adult) have been nurtured and launched on the world scene by the CYCA and their Youth Sailing Academy, which also hosts the Musto International Youth Match Racing Championship in November of each year. Recently they've upgraded their Rushcutters Bay clubhouse; what was always comfortable and attractive is now spectacular.

Notwithstanding all that, they are also leading the way in sailing video with their own YouTube channel "CYCATV."

OK, so a number of clubs have similar channels on YT or FB, but the CYCA is going one better, having launched a series of interviews with sailing notables from near and far and uploading them to CYCATV. Called the CYCA Video Archive Project, it is amiably and competently hosted by Peter Shipway (AUS).

It's a simple single-camera shoot, broadcast (1080p) quality, well lit and with good audio. Only the interviewee is in frame – focusing the attention on the interesting characters that Peter has lined up; revealing and archiving their wonderful memories for, presumably, all time.

"Bravo Zulu" to the CYCA for all this. More importantly, it as an excellent example of what other clubs, large and small, could and probably should be doing.

The latest post in their Video Archive Project is an interview last month with our long-time friend Harold Cudmore (IRL/AUS). Aside from being a superb sailor, Harold is also one of our sport's great personalities and dinner speakers. In fact, your Ed. can't think of a sailor who is more enlightening and entertaining.

In the 80s (give or take) Harold was a regular at Long Beach Yacht Club's Congressional Cup, where the skippers are invited (expected) to speak at an opening dinner. Harold was always the highlight of the evening, even when luminaries like Ted Turner were also present.

With ConCup going on this week at LBYC, it seems particularly timely to run this interview of Harold from the from CYCA Video Archive Project. Enjoy....

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