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SailGP: How to watch this weekend's racing in your country on TV or the internet; and a MUST SEE

SAN FRANCISCO (#1174) – With the inaugural SailGP regatta this coming weekend in Sydney, we're getting inquiries from around the world on how to watch it on TV – broadcast, live-streamed or replays. SailGP's San Francisco office have just updated their website with new TV schedule info, and are promising more details later this week. Thanks to FOSI (Friend of Sailing Illustrated) Joan Winston (USA, Washington, D.C.) for forwarding the latest link.

In the meantime, Sail GP fans and those just curious about what your Ed. believes will be a cool event – and 2019 series culminating in Marseille in September with a $1 million prize – here is a MUST SEE replay of the "Skippers' Show", a 28-minute show with high production values and hosted calmly and astutely by the esteemed multiple-medalist turned broadcaster (host of CNN's monthly MainSail show) Shirley Robertson (GBR)....

More on our Tuesday TFE LIVE (as always Tuesdays and Fridays at 1300 Pacific / 2100 UTC on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page).

We also have the skinny ("good oil" as the Kiwis would say) on the crucial case now before the America's Cup Arbitration Panel that could result in the three late entries (NED, MLT and USA-LBYC) being excused from AC36 – or not. As one insider described it to your Ed. today, "World War III has broken out." I continue to believe calmer heads will prevail, and this will be less of a WW3 and more a proverbial tempest in a teapot, but we'll fill you in with facts (not the speculation that other sites and papers are running) on Tuesday's TFE LIVE if not before.

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