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Artemis Technologies: AC50 catamaran will do 20mph SOG against a 10mph tide in zero wind?

SAN FRANCISCO (#1169) – This MUST SEE video was apparently posted on YouTube in October, yet your Ed. only discovered it this morning when researching the esteemed Iain Percy (GBR) and his intentions in re. AC36. Mr Percy has been rumored to be skippering the Royal Malta Yacht Club's Altus Challenge. Time will tell whether that announced challenger will make it to the starting line, but I digress.

The America's Cup, per se, is not the purpose of this post. This video will get more than a few FOSI (and beyond) tongues wagging, especially among sailing science/tech fans. A thought experiment for high school physics students if not also in college engineering classes? Leave your comments below, or on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page here, and please share this to your own FB page if so inclined.

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