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WS: Watch this excerpt from the Sarasota Council Meeting video when they were trying to get the elec

SAN FRANCISCO (#1148) – The video excerpt is courtesy of Richard Gladwell (NZL), our long-time friend and New Zealand editor of Frankly, it is amazing what a mucked up fess this is. At one point, after voting pads continued to fail to register test votes, and despite repeated testing and intervention by staff and technicians, even President Kim Andersen (DEN) grew testy and, with his mic open, leans over to the non-sailing CEO, Andy Hunt (GBR), and says "But Andy, how we doing it when we are voting, because we can't sit here and wait and find out [unintelligble] for a full review of who we have voting...." Mr Hunt's reply was not picked up as his mic was not on. Apparently Mr Andersen backed down, and test voting, and ultimately actual voting on submissions, continued. Even as the actual voting was underway it was clear there were problems with the wireless "voting pads" being used by each delegate.

So it can come as no surprise that after the meeting minutes came out last week, with the supposed voting tally attached to them, that at least three Councilors claimed their votes were not properly tallied. And, if their claims are to be believed, the crucial Olympic vote for the controversial "mixed-gender keelboat offshore" event would have failed.

Read Richard's full article, headlined, "Voting irregularities claimed on crucial Olympic vote," which was a follow up to the news we originally broke on Sailing Illustrated with our report last Saturday. Developing....

Video screen grab from just after the 8:00 minute mark – World Sailing President Kim Andersen (DEN) having testy words with the non-sailing CEO Andy Hunt (GBR) after repeated failures of the electronic voting system during tests at the beginning of the Council Meeting in Sarasota in early November.

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