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WS: Pressure is mounting on World Sailing's CEO and Board – the MUST READ polite but firm demand

SAN FRANCISCO (#1149) – Last Saturday Sailing Illustrated broke the news about the "Accusations of voting irregularities or worse at the Sarasota AGM."

On Tuesday, World Sailing's non-sailing CEO, Andy Hunt (GBR), sent a letter to the WS Council saying, in effect, that despite the accusations the vote would stand.

On today's (Friday, 2018-12-07) TFE LIVE webcast, we updated our viewers with the latest on the growing controversy enveloping World Sailing's Board and CEO. After viewing the show, a long-time senior-serious leader in the sport wrote to your Ed. and a number of yacht-racing influentials around the world saying, "If ever there was a condemnation of an Olympic Sport Federation this is it. How can the IOC allow this total destruction of an Olympic sport?

He concluded with a link to today's TFE LIVE. As of this writing, our show has had over 1300 views in less than five hours.

Tonight, one thing is clear. The cacophony of World Sailing criticism is no longer coming from just the vocal and growing group of current and former Olympic Class sailors, or current and former World Sailing (née IYRU/ISAF) and Olympic Class officials, or the highly respected current Vice President of the IOC (also a former WS Vice President) who went public on his Facebook page, or the cadre of senior-serious yacht racing journalists.

Now a letter dated yesterday (2018-12-06) from the leading South American member national authorities (MNAs) has gone public, including, they assert, possible "external sabotage in the voting." As we said, the pressure is mounting....

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