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Rules Quiz (updated): Under the Racing Rules of Sailing, which yacht has right-of-way?

SAN FRANCISCO (#1140) – With thanks to Jorge Lavorerio (URU/USA, San Francisco) for the photo he says is from a "vintage yacht magazine cover," and to Julia Wedekind for the link. Does anyone know the magazine or photographer?

UPDATE 2018-12-2 – DM kindly sent by from our Facebook friend Pawel Wilkowski (POL): Dear Tom, One of the articles in Sailing Illustrated (yesterday's quiz) holds a picture that is a copyright of a known photographer Franco Pace. The pic may come from a vintage yacht magazine cover, but please bear in mind that originally the photo was named "Simmetria" and was taken in St. Tropez back in 1991. The yachts are "DEMETER IV" and "ALTAIR". Just for your information as an editor. Best regards, Pawel

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