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Bayview-Mac: With the race starting tomorrow, an 'Extremely Important Warning' has been issu

PORT HURON, MI (#1066) – When was the last time you received an "Extremely Important Warning" from the Regatta Chairman the day before the start of a distance race saying, "A United States Air Force special training will take place...that will involve dropping inert bombs from very high altitude B 52 aircraft" into a "military training box" in the waters through which the race will pass?

This afternoon "Bells Beer Bayview to Mackinac Race" Chairman Gary Shoemaker issued such a warning on the event website (reprised below).

The good news is that the USAF training exercise is not scheduled to take place until after 1400 on Monday, by when all of the 200-boat fleet would normally be past the area on the race course designated as the "military training box."

So while our headline is true and not click-bait, you can't say the same about the headline in the Detroit Free Press article just out – "Bayview Mackinac race, Air Force training exercise could collide." Yeah, right. With thanks to Sailing Illustrated "Super Supporter" Wayne Schreck (USA) for the link.

Certainly the USAF would call off any operation involving waters that were not clear, or that the USCG could not clear. Now if the race is really slow, or someone breaks down, or it's a fast race and some boats are already returning back down the lake? LOL, good luck, and heads up!

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