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Happy Canada Day!

SAN FRANCISCO (#1055) – To our Canadian family members and friends, and our many Sailing Illustrated Dear Readers and Viewers north of the world's "longest undefended border," best wishes for a very Happy Canada Day, your country's 151st anniversary.

TRUE NORTH, the Canadian challenger for the 1987 America's Cup in Perth, Western Australia, racing in the challenger selection series for the Louis Vuitton Cup in late 1986. Here's hoping our neighbors to the north will be back in the Cup sooner than later, though as of today it appears there will only be three challengers vying for the Prada Cup (challenger selection series) in 2021 – GBR, ITA and USA. More on all that tomorrow and on this week's Tuesdays with TFE live webcast. Your Ed. believes, but is not sure, that the above is another fabulous photo by Daniel Forster (SUI/USA).

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