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VOR: The final two hours; MAPFRE leading, just; covering Brunel gybe for gybe, while Dongfeng to the

SAN FRANCISCO (#1048) – A Hollywood ending if ever there was one in a yacht race. Too close to call. If you are awake, you may want to tune in to watch the drama, which has been unfolding over the past couple hours – indeed, this entire four-day sprint on the final Leg 11 from Gothenburg to The Hague. Watch it live on the VOR web page or Facebook page (if they would ever stop playing old packages and cover the race, even just by live commenting on the tracker!). Or watch it live via VOR race tracker.

Dongfeng, taking the inshore route, has steadily closed to within 4nm of MAPFRE in the last two hours, and is still closing.

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