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VOR: MAPFRE has slim 1.6nm lead over Dongfeng with 370nm to the finish; all down to the final 24 hou

SAN FRANCISCO (#1043) – The headline says it all, except that Team Brunel are also still in the hunt having moved up to fourth and closed to within 5.3nm of the leaders. The fleet is heading south just off the southeast coast of Norway with a SOG (speed over the ground) in the high teens in TWS (true wind speed) in the low- to mid-20s. Unless it gets terribly light on the approach to The Hague, in 24 hours it should be all over except for the shouting – Sunday afternoon CET. The latest cliched* VOR press release is here, and you can follow the live tracker here.

* "It's game on for the final 24 hours....the stakes couldn’t be higher....Tension is running high on board....As is the exhaustion level."

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