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TWT: Details of the Ellison/Coutts F50 pro-sail circuit revealed on this week's 'Tuesdays wi

SAN FRANCISCO (#1040) – Watch a replay of our weekly Sailing Illustrated yacht racing news and views webcast, Tuesday's with TFE for June 19, 2018, with a world exclusive on plans for the new F50 pro-sail circuit being organized by Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts to begin in 2019. Also a delightful feature on the 12 year-old Opti sailor Magnus Heegaard (DEN) who, despite a debilitating health issue, has managed to qualify for the 2018 Optiminst Worlds in Cyprus over hundreds of other young Danish sailors. Chairman of Sailing Denmark, Sandeep Sander (DEN), joined us live via Skype from Copenhagen. Watch the hour-long replay (you can fast forward) on our SI Facebook page here, or click on the image below.

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