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Photos of the Day: Fotogs' fascination with bridges as background

NEWPORT, RI (#1020) – It's not just the Golden Gate Bridge that is popular with yacht racing snappers. With the Volvo Ocean Race in town, for Sunday's start the Race Director wisely – at least for promotional purposes – sent the yachts under the Newport Bridge to a turning mark just north of the bridge before they headed south back under the bridge, past Fort Adams one last time, past Castle Hill, and into Rhode Island Sound. This court afforded some great helicopter visuals during the live-streamed coverage of the start and the hour-long fan- and fotog-friendly Tour-de-Bay, as you Ed. calls it. Had yesterday morning's heavy fog persisted, for safety reasons the fleet would have just started off Fort Adams and headed straight into the ocean.

VOR Media photo as the yachts head north under the Newport Bridge, Team Brunel in the lead.

The obverse of the preceding photo, a screenshot from the VOR livestream taken from a helicopter (obviously), looking south toward Fort Adams as the yachts approach the Pell Newport Bridge.

Nice photo on page A2 of today's Wall Street Journal with a simple headline and caption. All ink is ink. Photo: Don Emmert / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images.

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