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SI: This is our 1000th post since we went live a year ago – thanks for your support!

SAN FRANCISCO (#1000) – Hard for those of us involved with Sailing Illustrated to believe, but this is our 1000th post in just over a year. We went Beta last March, and launched officially on May 15, 2017. Not to mention that tomorrow's live webcast (May 8th TWT) will be our 100th (84 for SI and related, 16 for St Francis YC), we have over 1000 subscribers to the website who get an auto-email whenever we post a new story, and have had hundreds of thousands of page views..

When we started up last year, we thought our audience would be largely in the USA, or perhaps North America. How wrong we were. Indeed, about one-third are in Europe, a third in North America, and the other third in Oceania – Australia and New Zealand. We are proud also to have a smattering of regulars readers/viewers in the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia.

Many, many thanks for your support! Every day we strive to get a little better, and as always, your comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Special thanks to co-founders Chris Bretschger, Meg Ehman and Max Moosmann, to our growing number of monthly Patreon supporters, and major contributors Paul Blank, Wayne Schreck, Julia Wedekind and several others who wish to remain under the radar for now.

Finally, we've published our fair share of world exclusive reports including breaking important news in the America's Cup, Olympic Sailings and the Volvo Ocean Race. Dozens of articles, as well as countless images and videos, have been contributed from some of the best scribes and snappers in the biz and from around the world. Thanks again to all!

This is our 1000th Sailing Illustrated post since we went Beta in March, 2017, then launched officially last May 15th. Thanks for your support!

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