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TWT: No live show today due to ICOYC meeting

SAN FRANCISCO – Reminder that there will be no "Tuesdays with TFE" live webcast this week as Sailing Illustrated is helping with the A/V for the 2018 World Forum of the International Council of Yacht Clubs. The ICOYC is meeting in San Francisco this week at St Francis Yacht Club, co-hosted by San Francisco Yacht Club. The ICOYC is an organization of approx 40 leading yacht clubs from around the world; their motto is "The Leading Yacht Clubs … Working Together … Sharing Experience."

As usual we will be live-streaming the StFYC Wednesday Yachting Luncheon tomorrow, beginning at 1230 Pacific on the Club's facebook page, It will be a special show on "Engaging Women Through Sailing....

Then on Thursday your Ed. will be at Balboa Yacht Club in Newport Beach, CA for a special presentation on the 2018 Governor's Cup with GovCup guru Andy Rose, and several young current and previous GovCup sailors. This, too, will be live-streamed by Sailing Illustrated co-founder and head of GovCup TV Chris Bretschger, on the GovCup Facebook page,

Join us next Tuesday when we will return with our regular "Tuesdays with TFE" webcast at 1300 Pacific on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page,

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