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VOR Breaking: Man overboard on SHK/Scallywag six hours ago, reportedly ocean racing veteran John Fis

ALICANTE, ESP – A few minutes ago Race Control for the Volvo Ocean Race HQ posted a notice on their website that they have been informed by Team Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag (HKG) that they had a "man overboard incident" today (Monday) at approx 13:42 UTC (0642 PDT, some six hours ago). The MOB is reported to be John Fisher, 47 years old from GBR residing of late in Adelaide, AUS. According to the VOR website, Mr Fisher is, "A long-term member of the RAGAMUFFIN and SCALLYWAG super maxi crews, Fisher has plenty of big boat experience and has sailed with skipper David Witt for many years. A Sydney-Hobart veteran, he makes the step into the Volvo Ocean Race world for the first time in 2017-18." The VOR website is also reporting that Mr Fisher was wearing survival equipment when he went overboard. The remaining crew are reported safe.

More on the VOR website here.

Screengrab from the SGK/Scallywag page on the VOR website.

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