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Olympic Classes: Nearly 100 competitors at the Finn Europeans in Cádiz, and World Sailing wants to d

CADIZ, ESP – What is wrong with the leadership of World Sailing that, by all reports, they are maneuvering to do the same thing to the popular Finn Class – drop them from the Olympics after the 2020 Games – that they have already done to the venerable Star? Not only is the Finn inexpensive to campaign (the boats have a long competitive life) and actively raced in dozens of countries all over the planet, but they are physically demanding and the last Olympic class in which heavier sailors are competitive. And we are not talking about Sumo wrestlers or even NFL linemen. Photos courtesy of Robert Deaves: above, runner-up Nicholas Heiner (NED); below, winner Ed Wright (GBR).

Ed Wright (GBR) won his second Finn European title in Cádiz on Saturday after a spectacular medal race in high winds and huge waves that nearly resulted in the race being cancelled. Nicholas Heiner (NED, top photo) had led all week, but several capsizes and a last place left him with the silver, while Max Salminen (SWE) did enough to take the bronze, after placing second in the race. The USA's Caleb Paine finished 5th. Full story and results here.

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