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TWT: Bob Fisher (GBR) is joining us live via Skype for today's show with an exclusive report on

SAN FRANCISCO – Bob Fisher (GBR), widely regarded as the "Dean of Yachting Journalists," will join us for today's Tuesday's with TFE webcast live via Skype. Mr Bertelli, CEO of Prada and head of the Luna Rossa Challenge for AC36 in 2021 (and the Challenger of Record) granted Bob an in-person interview yesterday. Bob promises some interesting news and insight from his exclusive interview on today's show – as always at 1300 Pacific / 1600 Eastern on our SI Facebook Page:

Note to our non-American viewers – the USA went on Daylight Savings Time this past weekend, so until March 25 when Europe goes on Summertime, in SF we are only seven hours behind London and eight hours behind Central Europe (instead of the usual eight and nine, respectively). Likewise, until NZL and AUS go off Summertime on April 1st, SF is four hours ahead of Auckland and six hours ahead of Sydney; after April 1st, it's five and seven hours respectively, as most of our Antiopean friends will know.

Hence today's live showtimes are 2000 in the UK, 2100 in Central Europe, 0900 Wednesday in New Zealand, and 0700 in Sydney. As always, a replay will be available on our Facebook Page shortly after the conclusion of the live webcast.

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