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AC36: Luna Rossa confirms that Jimmy Spithill has officially re-joined the team

CAGLIARI, SARDINIA (ITA) – Last Tuesday we broke the news on our weekly Facebook Live show Tuesdays with TFE that Jimmy Spithill (AUS) was headed back to Luna Rossa for AC36. Since then our report has been echoed by others in the media, and now it's official with this brief, classy press release and photo (below) just issued by the Challenger of Record from their team base in Sicily. Tune in to today's live TFE show for more breaking AC news, as always on our SI Facebook page beginning at 1300 Pacific.

Luna Rossa announced today that Jimmy Spithill (AUS) has rejoined the team for AC36 after his three stints (2010, 2013 and 2017 – two Cup wins and a loss) with Oracle Team USA.

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