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AC36: If monohulls can fly, why not taxis?

WELLINGTON – Apparently Emirates Team New Zealand is not the only NZL-based enterprise keen on making vehicles fly that heretofore have operated on the earth's surface. Today in New Zealand a secretive flying car startup, Kitty Hawk, was unveiled. Kitty Hawk has been quietly testing self-flying air taxis with the goal of eventually launching a commercial flying taxi service. Kitty Hawk is financed by Google cofounder Larry Page and led by ex-Google scientist Sebastian Thrun. Kitty Hawk has been testing in New Zealand for the last five months.The air taxi can fly up to 110mph, and uses 12 rotor blades to take off and land vertically. Full story via Business Insider. Or read the original story in the New York Times here.

Foiling monohulls and taxis? When visiting New Zealand for AC36 in 2021, will you be able to avoid Auckland's notorious rush hour traffic by hailing an autonomous flying taxi? Photos via the NYT (top) and Business Insider (bottom) by Thomas Heinser / Kitty Hawk.

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