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VOR: Vestas is seriously impaired and continues to drift downwind; about to be passed by AkzoNobel i

HONG KONG – From the VOR Live Race Tracker it is obvious that Vestas 11th Hour Racing is seriously impaired, drifting downwind at 2-3 knots for the past several hours. One hears from several sources as yet unconfirmed by anything official, that they may have suffered damage to their rig, possibly to a shroud (sidestay) and chainplate (the attachment point of the shroud to the hull), and they are trying to save the rig. As we post this it is now 0530 local time Saturday morning, so at least the sun is coming up.

Meanwhile, Akzo Nobel is about to pass them, as perhaps will the balance of the fleet assuming they cannot get back underway soon to complete the final 30nm to the finish. It's heartbreaking for the crew and their fans, as they had been standing second before the collision with a chance to move up on the leaderboard against overall leader MAPFRE who has been running 5th on this leg.

Screenshot of the Race Tracker, above, is from a few minutes ago showing the stricken Vestas 11th Hour Racing (orange) still drifting downwind with AkzoNobel (purple) closing in from the southeast.

Congrats to Dongfeng Race Team, the other Chinese team, that has finished second behind Scallywag.

Dongfeng finishing second earlier this (Saturday) morning off Hong Kong.

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