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Pay no attention to that man behind the Livestream! This is a test, this is only a test. Or was a test. Success! We can now Livestream to YouTube at 1080p, not just the 720 that Facebook allows (if you are lucky; often it's only 480p, depending upon their servers). Moreover, we can stream real-time here to the website, so you can watch our Tuesdays with TFE and other live shows right here rather than having to find the show on our FB page. Better yet, when the livestream is over, a replay is available here straightaway. "What Hath God Wrought!*

*American inventor Samuel F.B. Morse tapped out those words in a demonstration witnessed by members of Congress of the first official telegraph transmission from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore in 1844, seven years before that famous 1851 yacht race around the Isle of Wight.

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