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Rolex Sydney-Hobart: WILD OATS XI wins in record time, but will their victory be eroded, or negated,

HOBART, TASMANIA – WILD OATS XI closed in on LDV COMANCHE as they jibed down the east coast of Tasmania doing 30 knots in strong breeze Wednesday afternoon (Australian time), passed LDVC on the final approach to Hobart when the winds became light and shifty, and went on to win the 2017 Rolex Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race ahead of LDVC by some 16 minutes, slashing nearly five hours off the previous record set by PERPETUAL LOYAL in 2016.

The question remains, however, whether or not LDVC will protest WOXI for their near collision in Sydney Harbour about 20 minutes after the start on Tuesday afternoon, and, if so, whether the jury will find in COMANCHE's favor and penalize WILD OATS with a time penalty. If the jury finds WOXI at fault, the rules require a minimum five minutes be added to their elapsed time, or more at the jury's discretion.

More on Thursday morning Australian time (Wednesday afternoon in the USA).

WILD OATS XI passed LDV COMANCHE when the yachts were heading up the River Derwent in light wind on the final approach to Hobart late Wednesday afternoon. Photo courtesy of ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corp).

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