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Star Class: With all the talk of future Olympic classes, here's a 1961 video of arguably the bes

SAN DIEGO – This gem of a video popped up as a suggestion by YouTube while your Ed. was researching a topic unrelated to sailing (albeit related to Sailing Illustrated – upgrading our Facebook Live netcast gear). The 12-minute documentary was produced in San Diego during the 1961 Star World Championship, and is a fun watch.

Two of the greats prominently featured: Bill Buchan (USA, Seattle) and Lowell North (USA, San Diego). It's a must see for sailing history buffs in general, and Star boat sailors and their admirers in particular. Nice, simple graphics and explanations for non-sailors as well. You gotta dig the sailing clothing and deck gear of the era, and the hiking technique. Remember bendy booms?

We proudly dedicate this post to the Bill and Lowell, Malin Burnham, Paul Cayard, Dennis Conner, Paul Henderson, Buddy Melges, Ding Schoonmaker, the late great Tom Blackaller, and all the other superb sailors who have graced this classiest of all Classes (and vice versa) over its 106-year history. Witness the Star Sailing League finale in Nassau last week, the Star boat is still attracting top sailors of all ages and backgrounds from all over the planet, providing close competition, and serving our sport beautifully.

First an Olympic Class in 1932, in your Ed.'s humble opinion our sport would be well served if World Sailing were to reinstate the Star for the 2024 Games instead of the radical events/classes overhaul they are planning.

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