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2020 Olympics: The so-called Gamagori World Cup is lightly attended; USA results are disappointing

[Correction: The 2020 Olympic venue is closer to Tokyo at Enoshima, not Gamagori which is closer to Nagoya. Thanks, Helena Scutt, et al., for the clarification. And for the record, the second stop of the 2017-18 World Cup Series is at Miami in January 2018, unless World Sailing has other thoughts about this controversial series at their upcoming Annual Conference in Puerto Vallarta, MEX November 4-12, 2017 –TFE]

GAMAGORI, JPN – We were wondering why we had not seen a press release out of US SAILING following the conclusion yesterday of the World Cup regatta – staged by World Sailing at Gamagori 125 miles down Japan's east coast from Enoshima, the venue for the 2020 Olympic sailing regatta. So we went to the unwieldly World Sailing website and checked the World Cup results for ourselves, after reading the final press release from World Sailing devoid of any mention of USA teams. What we learned is that the USA finished as follows:

470 men – 11th of 24 entries

470 women – no USA entry

49er men – 17th of 20

49erFX women – no USA entry (only 9 teams)

Laser men – 18th, 33rd and 44th of 50

Laser Radial women – 5th and 25th of 35

RS:X men and women – no USA entries

Congrats to Erica Reineke (Lauderdale YC) who had a promising 5th overall in the Laser Radial. Video below courtesy of the US Sailing Team Facebook page....

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