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Volvo Ocean Race: New AkzoNobel skipper Brad Jackson 'in his own words' – for VOR fans, a mu

ALICANTE, ESP – The video below was released this afternoon by the Volvo Ocean Race and team AkzoNobel with newly anointed skipper Brad Jackson (NZL) explaining in his own words the challenge ahead and the mood within the team. I don't know Mr Jackson, but you decide how confident he sounds and looks. Brad succeeded Simeon Tienpont after he was excused from his role as CEO/Skipper of the team last Friday for what AkzoNobel alleged in a brief statement was "breach of contract" without further explanation.

As we reported this morning here on Sailing Illustrated with elaboration on today's Tuesdays with TFE Facebook Live netcast, a legal s-fight is brewing between Mr Tienpont and AkzoNobel. Dutch media are reporting that there will be a hearing in a Dutch court later this week on what sounds to your Ed. like a motion by Simeon's lawyer asking the court to return control of the team to him pending a court trial over the broader allegations, given the imminent start (Sunday) of Leg 1 from Alicante to Lisbon.

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