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Monday Moanin': Jose a Nor'easter for NE USA later in the week; Maria rapidly becoming a ser

SAN FRANCISCO – The 0800 EDT update from the National Hurricane Center is just out and Mark Michaelsen, Sailing Illustrated's severe weather guru, with the usual caveats that things could change, says that in a nutshell: Jose is still a hurricane but appears to be morphing into an extratropical cyclone that will likely be a wind and rainstorm – a not untypical Nor’easter – for Newport, Cape Cod and the Islands later this week; the NHC has been behind the power curve on Maria as it is already Cat 3, soon will be Cat 4, and will cause real problems again for the islands devasted by Irma last week, with a direct aim on Puerto Rico; as to Florida it is too early to call despite CNN and others saying Maria will turn north before affecting FL. Lee is a non-player and likely to remain so.

Stay tuned to SI for Mark's cogent and remarkably accurate predictions.

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