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Irma's Incursion? Yikes, no, it's Hurricane Jose a week from Saturday – at least according t

SAN FRANCISCO – Irma hasn't yet hit CONUS (weather-speak for the Continental U.S.), and already forecasters are getting concerned about Hurricane Jose which is way out in the Atlantic but chugging along a path similar to Irma's. Sailing Illustrated's extreme weather guru, Mark Michaelsen, pinged your Ed. this early morning to call our attention to this disturbing prediction by the European model for a week from Saturday. Look familiar? Again, this is Jose not Irma.

Mark was quick to say that the U.S. model shows Jose (unfortunately not Irma) turning right and dissipating into a fish storm before it ever gets this close (per the graphic) to Florida. But the European model has proven mostly right for both Harvey and now Irma, so will there be, God forbid, a one-two punch for the Caribbean and the southeastern USA? Stay tuned; with Mark's expert guidance we will be keeping our Dear Readers well informed ahead of the other outlets, and as always simply and directly....

The European model showing what, and where, Jose could be a week from this Saturday, courtesy of

But back to Irma, which by most accounts is going to make landfall somewhere in Florida this Sunday morning....

The European model for 1100 this Sunday, which, even worse, coincides with a high tide. Not a good look for Miami-Dade and especially Fort Lauderdale. At 0900 it's showing 71 knots gusting to 125. At least that's down from the 185 they suffered in some of the Caribbean islands yesterday.

The U.S. model for 1100 this Sunday morning, which happily (for Florida) shows Irma skirting the Florida coast, but making landfall further up the East Coast – South or North Carolina? Stay tuned to SI for the latest.

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