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Irma's incursion: Heart-breaking firsthand report from Tortola, BVI by Facebook friend Christine

ROADTOWN, TORTOLA, BVI – I've climbed to the top of my neighbor's destroyed property looking over the devastation and got internet via my US phone. All power, water, phone, internet is down. Not a roof remains as far as the eye can see. Boats aground and piled on top of other boats. So much destruction. Can't check in on local friends. I'm safe, roof gone on top floor of my 2-story building. Some flooding. My neighbors had to pry open my front door to get me out of my apt. Car windows blown out. And the chickens are all fine...go figure...chickens, birds, wasps and even a tarantula, all survived. Can't say how others fared w/o local communication. Trapped on my hill by debris everywhere. Not a tree standing as far as the eye can see.Christine Perakis, posting to her Facebook page about six hours ago (Thursday afternoon local time).

The Nanny Cay Boat Yard, Tortola, BVI. Photos taken by J. Parkins Thursday afternoon. Posted by Mandy Gorringe to the BVI Abroad - Hurricane Irma Facebook page.

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