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Irma's incursion: The hurricane has severely damaged one of the most famous airports in the worl

SINT MAARTEN – New images and video from the island of St. Martin show the level of devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. Among the victims of the storm's 185 mph winds is the island's famed Princess Juliana International Airport. In the photos that have emerged from St. Martin, the airport's terminal looks to be severely damaged while at least one of the airport's jet bridges has collapsed. The runway is also covered in sand and debris. In addition, a camera located on the famed Maho Beach at the foot of the runway shows the sheer intensity of Irma's power. –Benjamin Zhang in a story just up on Business Insider. Full story. With thanks to YP for the link.

Amazing video from St. Martin's famous Maho Beach webcam at the foot of the Princess Juliana International airport runway, until it was destroyed earlier today by the 185mph winds, or the power went out, or both.

A file photo, from better days than today, of the famous runway threshold at St. Martin's Princess Juliana International Airport – approximating the location of the web cam video above.

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