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AC36: The America's Cup overhaul that will save the event

AUCKLAND, NZL – The winner already holds a stacked hand. They host the event at their hand-picked venue and they get to formulate the protocol with an obsequious challenger. They should not require more advantages.Having an open regatta with, say two pools of five countries (but the more the merrier) whose seedings are based on the world series' results would be far more appealing to broadcasters and yacht clubs or individuals looking to mount a challenge. The more syndicates Team NZ attract down here, the more dollars are funnelled into the economy and the more opportunity they get to clip a few tickets and build much needed cash reserves for future defences or challenges. Reconfiguring the event would also guarantee the best two boats race in the final. As gratifying as it was for Team NZ to take down Coutts and Spithill in Bermuda, a final against (billionaire-funded) Artemis would have been a more competitive race to beam around the world.Dylan Cleaver writing in today's New Zealand Herald. His views are not new, but make some sense given the historical perspective about which he opines. Probably a MUST READ for AC fans. BTW, one hears the move back to monohulls for AC36 is gaining momentum. Please let us have your opinion of all this in the comments section below.

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