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GovCup: Australian skipper Harry Price continues to lead; live TV coverage of the racing begins toda

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – Skipper Harry Price of Australia continues to lead the Governor's Cup International Youth Match Race Championship despite taking his first loss of the regatta Thursday. Price, 21, has won 17 of his 18 races. He lost to Christopher Weis (USA) of the Del Rey Yacht Club. Price almost lost to Clare Costanzo of Australia, but she didn't clear a penalty before Price crossed the finish line. –The esteemed sports writer, Bernie Wilson, in a story he filed last evening for the AP. Full story via the Charlotte Observer here. Today the double-robin will conclude (three flights remain), followed by the top four boats advancing to the semifinals. The first place team after the round robins, almost certainly the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia team led by Price, gets to choose their opponent for the first-to-win three race knock-out semifinal, with the other two teams racing in the other semifinal, The finals are Saturday, pitting the two semifinal winners in another first-to-win three race series. Racing begins today and Saturday at 1200 noon PDT and will be streamed live to the internet on It is free to watch for anyone with an internet connection on their computer, phone or tablet. (No Facebook account required.)

Photo: Bronny Daniels / Joy Sailing

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