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Transpac: Cal-40 SEQUOIA's two year restoration project for the 2017 race

BERKELEY, CA – SEQUOIA, a classic Cal-40, completed a two-year restoration project by competing in the 2017 Transpac. The project was the brainchild of Schaefer Marine President Fred Cook, who acquired the Cal-40 (at no cost!) after it had been sitting at Berkeley Marine for fifteen years, according to Berkeley Marine owner Cree Partridge. Fred began the restoration in 2015 and produced 28 video episodes of the restoration process and their preparation for the 2017 Transpac.

As SEQUOIA came out of the water she wasn’t much to look at after fifteen years of neglect. The big move was inverting the boat to properly work on the hull in Episode 7.

All 28 videos are available on YouTube here. SI's readers will particularly enjoy the final video on delivering the boat from San Francisco to Long Beach for last week's Transpac start, below.

As of the time of this post, SEQUOIA is standing a respectable 3rd in Division 7....


We are pleased to welcome Clark Chapin as SAILING ILLUSTRATED's latest editorial contributor. A lifelong sailor from Plymouth, MI, Clark races an Interlake at Portage Yacht Club near Ann Arbor. He is the second of three generations of sailing Chapins along with his late father Gordon and son Bill (Oakland, CA). For years they raced locally and nationally as a family team. Clark is also a respected US SAILING National Judge, and has served in several offices for US SAILING, the Interlake Class Association and PYC. –TFE

Bill, Clark and Gordon Chapin racing their Interlake at PYC circa 1990.

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