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AC35: The most ironic if not idiotic photo, and press release, of any America's Cup ever?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The headline of the press release that accompanied this photo, taken in London on January 25, 2017: "New Framework Agreement Creates Strong Future For The America’s Cup." Text of the ridiculous release here. No doubt a motivating factor to the Kiwis in their epic AC35 win. Read the background to all this, and why the Kiwis felt ganged up on, in this February 28, 2017 article by Christopher Clarey in the New York Times. Key quote from the article: "What is clear is that Team New Zealand is a team apart in this America’s Cup. 'We are very much the lone wolf,' [ETNZ CEO Grant] Dalton said."

Conspicuous by his absence – ETNZ skipper Glenn Ashby inasmuch as the Kiwis did not sign the ill-fated Framework Agreement, which your Ed. always asserted wasn't legally worth the paper it was printed on.

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