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Dear Readers: Our promise to you, and thanks for your support!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – We work hard to fulfill our promise to you that SAILING ILLUSTRATED will have fresh, original content. Some other sailing websites cut and paste entire press releases and articles from other sources – sometimes masquerading as their own original content by not even giving credit to the source. SI will not break copyright laws or insult our readers by doing so.

Nor will we post tired video memes like the video of Adolf Hitler (an actor in a German movie) being told something that he doesn't want to hear. The clip gets used over and over again, with English subtitles about that latest hot topic. Predictably, last week someone worked up that Hitler video as if it were Larry Ellison being told why ETNZ is faster. That same dumb video meme was used four years ago during AC34. It wasn't funny then, either. Obviously, someone has too much time on their hands, and a lousy sense of humor.

Now comes, yet again, the video of the toothless Spanish actor supposedly on a talk show telling the host something terribly funny (in Spanish), but with English subtitles about something currently in the news. This too has been recycled for AC35. The latest send-up is the actor supposedly telling the talkshow host, via English subtitles, that he was hired to consult with OTUSA during the five-day break, and all the things he did to mess with OTUSA while taking the fee. OK, it might have been funny if it were the first time any of us had seen that clip, but, like the Hitler video, it keeps coming up like yesterday's clam chowder. As I said, lame.

So to the several of you who sent me links to either or both videos, and are wondering why I haven't posted them (and won't), now you know. It's not for me to tall other sites not to post such rubbish, but rest assured we will never do here at SI. And thanks for your continuing support as we catch our breath after an intense six weeks of AC coverage.

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