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AC35 Match: Race 6 – OTUSA finally win! Kiwis lead the series 4-1

HAMILTON, BER – Jimmy Spithill finally wins a start. OTUSA lead at the bear-away mark. But on Leg 2 they fall off their foils yet again, albeit briefly, but manage to maintain their lead at the Leg 2 gate. They look as fast or maybe even quicker than ETNZ downwind, and upwind they look better, today than last weekend, too.

I can now confirm that, watching the TV, Jimmy for sure is still trimming the foils with his motorcycle hand-grips.

Downwind on Leg 4 ETNZ make a small gain, closing to within 100m, and then OTUSA make a bad layline call, the Kiwis soak (sail a bit low and slow) into the Leg 4 gate and take the lead by :06.

But it is close upwind and OTUSA gain on better speed and perhaps a touch more breeze on the upwind right near the end of the leg. OTUSA cross just ahead on starboard (after another big dial-down; lame protest by OTUSA, properly green-fagged by the umps), have a better rounding at the port-end of the Leg 6 gate while the Kiwis are slow around the starboard end – they had to pinch to get through the gate after the dial-down. OTUSA hold the lead down the run and the reach to the finish line and win by :11.

So OTUSA lead, lose the lead, re-gain it, and win – a huge morale boost for the team and OTUSA fans everywhere!

Despite the TV commentators saying that the OTUSA win forces the series into at least one race on Monday, your Ed.'s understanding is that Regatta Director Iain Murray has the option of conducting two or three races tomorrow (a third race if the Kiwis win the first two races tomorrow).

Jimmy Spithill finally wins a start, and a race. Kiwis lead the series 4-1 with two more races scheduled tomorrow. In the USA live on NBC, and please join us for our SAILING ILLUSTRATED Pre-Race on Facebook Live ( 30 minutes before the race.

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