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AC35 Match: Iain Murray's wind forecast – very light if even raceable

HAMILTON, BER – Contrary to SI's forecast for more breeze at race time today (1400 ADT), at Regatta Director Iain Murray's pre-race briefing for the media that wrapped a few minutes ago he presented the chart below and said, "We'll prepare for worst and hope for the best." As most of our Dear Readers will know, the lower wind limit is 6 knots. Lower than that and racing will not be started. But if a race starts and the wind drops below 6, it continues unless the 25 minute time-limit runs out. The Regatta Director can shorten the course to as little as four legs (no shorter).

Tomorrow and Monday look better. Iain said his forecast for Sunday is 8-12 knots, Monday 10-15.

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