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AC35: Team New Zealand play down psychological advantage

HAMILTON, BER – The Kiwi syndicate went two-from-two on the opening day, after out-witting and out-sailing defender Oracle Team USA in both races. But [Glenn] Ashby was reluctant to get carried away with his team's strong early progress, pointing out it has a familiar feel to it. "We've definitely seen this movie before," Ashby told the Herald, referencing his team's impressive start to the last Cup match in San Francisco, in which the Kiwis won four of the first five races." We'll just keep our heads down and keep chipping away at what we know we need to keep working on and hopefully we'll remain competitive all the way through the series."Dana Johanssen, in Bermuda to cover the Cup for the New Zealand Herald. Her NZH story includes an excellent if not MUST SEE brief video interview with Glenn Ashby. Full story.

AC Match Day 1 Photo: Ricardo Pinto / ACEA

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